The power of the horse to heal has been demonstrated at CTRH since 1985, when our first 5 participants began to ride at Chile Rodgers' stable on a pony we rented from her.

Now we have 16 therapy horses and our own facility in Milford that we call The Big Red Barn. Each years, more than 115 individuals participate in almost 1500 hours of programming: Adaptive Recreational Riding for children as young as four, Hippotherapy for children as young as two, WORTHSM for veterans. 

Here are some testimonials about our programs:

Kirk and BusterI’ve been involved in CTRH since my 38-year old son, Kirk, was a young boy recovering from a stroke and resulting difficult hip surgery. For years, I’ve seen him physically benefit from the program: his improved balance, gait and flexibility. But the best part over the more than 20 years he’s been at CTRH is his enthusiasm for riding—he loves to ride above anything else he does. The laughter and the sheer joy he finds at CTRH are priceless gifts. Marie Huenefeld, Chair, CTRH Board of Trustees

My 5-year old son, Nick, has mild cerebral palsy. Soon after he started riding, we saw improvements in his speech and mobility. He is now a happy, talkative and social young boy.” June Smith

“My daughter Gabby has verbal apraxia and is developmentally disabled. Since beginning the CTRH program, she has become more verbal and says ‘walk,’ ‘whoa’, etc. Gabby and the horses have created a special bond with each other—a friendship.” Monica Ramirez

“Our daughter Ava is 5 and has enjoyed Hippotherapy and Therapeutic Riding for the past 2 years. These incredible horses have such a wonderful effect on the children. While we don’t know what the future holds for Ava or what her physical capabilities will be, we do know that she will always be able to ride, and this alone gives our family a real sense of peace.” Cindy McCourt


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