Adaptive Recreational Riding

Anne and BentleyThis is Anne. She was injured in a motorcycle accident in 2002 that left her a paraplegic. Here's what she has to say about her experience at CTRH:

"In April, 2012, I was in search of recreational activities for persons with disabilities. That search led me to CTRH. I had no idea that the program would give me so much more than riding lessons. Riding Bentley allows me to move in ways that strengthen my core and improve my posture. I also get to experience the freedom of being out of my wheelchair. I just loved being able to participate in the Richard Thomas Horse Show, and meeting the other riders, their families and so many of the friends of CTRH."

Anne participates in Adaptive Recreational Riding, which is taught in group riding lessons. Each class of two to five riders is taught by instructors certified by PATH, Intl. Each rider has a volunteer horse leader and up to two volunteer side walkers. Riders with varying types and degrees of disabilities can be as young as four years old and continue through adulthood. The weight limit for riders in recreational riding is 175 pounds. 

Our adaptive recreational riding classes are an hour in length. In that time period the rider participates in grooming the horse, tacking the horse, mounting, exercises on horseback, an activity related to a skill which is used in a game on horseback, dismounting, untacking, cleaning, and putting the saddle and bridle away. We take full advantage of the work around the horse as a multi sensory experience. You should expect the mounted riding time to be 30 – 40 minutes.

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